10 Craziest Post Offices on Earth (and Beyond)

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Going to a post bureau can be one of a many mundane—and dreaded—items on your to-do list. But if you’ve ever had a possibility to revisit any of a outposts below, we know that not all post offices are boring. Here are 10 crazy post offices that make mail smoothness seem exciting…

10. Peach Springs and Supai, AZ

The post bureau in Peach Springs, Arizona isn’t many to demeanour at—just a hunker yellow section building that seems about a right distance for a city with a race of usually over 1,000 residents. The earthy trickery is unremarkable, solely for one startling feature—the usually walk-in freezer found in a post bureau in a continental US. Why does it need this? The Peach Springs post bureau has a unequivocally startling mission—delivering mail to a bottom of a Grand Canyon–and that load includes a lot of perishable groceries. The little city of Supai, populated by a few hundred members of a Havasupai genealogical nation, sits during a bottom of a Grand Canyon. Supai has a possess little post office, and residents and tourists are rest on a USPS to broach all a supplies that aren’t differently accessible during a bottom of a canyon.

So, after a mail creates a 70-mile outing to a ravine edge from Peach Springs, how does it get down to Supai? Helicopter ride is costly and unreliable, as choppers can’t fly during durations of high winds. Enter a “mule train,” a sight of adult to 50 horses and mules, guided by courageous riders, carrying adult to 200 pounds any of mail and packages that make a 8-mile trek down to a bottom of a ravine and afterwards eventually behind up, carrying effusive mail and trash. At least 2 jackass trains are handling during any given time, so a mules, horses, and riders are means to rest overnight in a encampment before creation a lapse outing behind adult a subsequent day. Mail sent from Supai bears a special postmark, indicating that it trafficked by jackass sight to strech a destination. Despite a fundamental problem of a tour and a impassioned conditions faced by riders and mules, scheduled mail smoothness has usually been skipped twice given 1999.

9. Inside a Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower binds a lot of story within a iconic frame, that was creatively assembled for a opening to a 1889 World’s Fair in Paris. It also binds shops, restaurants, a champagne bar, a discussion room, a reproduction of Gustave Eiffel’s strange bureau during a tip of a tower, and one some-more startling facility: a post office, that is found on a initial building of a Eiffel Tower’s south pillar.

While this post bureau competence seem to be a present-day benefaction to tourists, a Eiffel Tower has had a post bureau given it has been open to a open (it was, after all, built for an carnival designed to attract visitors from around a world). The strange post bureau was situated during a tip of a tower, where, after roving an elevator, fairgoers could mail postcards from some-more than 900 feet above ground. Postmarks from a strange post bureau review “Sommet de la Tour Eiffel” (Summit of a Eiffel Tower), or, for reduction courageous tourists, after a belligerent building post bureau was added, “1er Etage de la Tour Eiffel” (First building of a Eiffel Tower) while a contemporary Eiffel Tower post bureau offers a more general postmark, that doesn’t mention a reduction prominent present-day plcae within a tower.

8. Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal

With post offices shutting by a hundreds opposite a globe—including in a US, a UK, South Africa, and Germany—you competence find yourself angry about a untimely “trek” to a some-more apart post bureau or carrying to contend with more-limited handling hours in your internal branch. However, one post bureau can put issues of accessibility and accessibility in perspective—the China Post bureau located in a Mount Everest Base Camp.

The post office, that is indeed some-more of a post tent, has been benefaction (seasonally) during a Everest Base Camp given 2008. Sitting during 5,300 meters, it’s supposed to be a world’s tip post office. However, given of a impassioned continue conditions during this altitude, a post bureau has a rather brief handling window—from late Apr to Aug any year, when conditions assent a proxy highway to open adult from bottom stay to a city of Tingri. This remote outpost operates from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. during those months, not including a noontime mangle for a post office’s 3 workers (apparently, there is no altitude during that postal workers will not belong to their mangle schedules). There is a markup on a common postcard rate to recompense for a hurdles in transporting mail from a tip of a universe to a destination—as of 2016, a post bureau charged about $1.45 USD to mail a postcard to a UK, given elsewhere in Nepal, mailing a postcard would cost about $0.30 USD.

7. Underwater (in Vanuatu)

Vanuatu, an island republic in a South Pacific, faces a potentially grave destiny as a outcome of meridian change, with some experts suggesting many of a archipelago could eventually be submerged given of rising sea levels. However, there is one trickery in Vanuatu that is already (deliberately) submerged underneath a tides—the

The post bureau sits about 10 feet subsequent a aspect on a sea floor. Opening hours are posted on a circuitously beach and a special dwindle is hoisted to boyant on a aspect when a postal workers (wearing scuba equipment) are staffing a post office. The post bureau has been open given 2003 and several Vanuatu Post staff members perceived open H2O dive training to be means to male a location. Divers or snorklers are means to mail special waterproof postcards during a underwater outpost (if snorklers can’t dive down to a post office, staff members will assistance get a postcard down to a sea floor). Because a postcards can’t be cancelled regulating normal ink, Vanuatu Post grown a special embossing device to cancel a postcards.

6. Aogashima Island, Japan (…on an active volcano)

Why would we put a post bureau on an active volcano? Even Vanuatu Post (yes, Vanuatu is apparently during a epicenter of postal innovation), usually put a postal box on a void of Mt. Yasur, where visitors can mail letters stairs divided from fiery magma spewing into a air. However, on Japan’s Aogashima Island, there’s unequivocally nowhere else to put a post office—the island is a volcano (actually 4 overlapping calderas).

The race of a removed island, reduction than 200 people, are served by a tiny post bureau that transmits mail to and from mainland Japan (Tokyo is about 200 miles to a south of a island). Life on a island can be described as “sleepy,” with residents (mainly farmers and fishermen) enjoying a delayed gait of island life, a beauty, and volcanic prohibited springs that contain a island. However, a volcano is still deliberate active. The final time a volcano erupted (in 1785), about half a island’s inhabitants perished, yet modern-day inhabitants have a advantage of a volcano warning complement that has been operated by a Japan Meteorological Agency given 2007. As of 2017, no alerts have been released for a island, definition that Aogoshima’s population, and a little post office, have had no means to journey relocating divided from their volcanic outpost.

5. Ny-Alesund, Norway

Ny-Alesund is a world’s northernmost municipal settlement—an unincorporated city on a peninsula, home to some-more than 10 systematic investigate stations that pull scientists from around a world, 30 year-round residents, and as many 120 residents during a summer. It is also a site of a world’s northernmost post office. Whereas a town’s origins are associated to mining and expeditions to a North Pole, today, a town’s activity is mostly driven by investigate and tourism. Given that a city now enjoys fiberoptic internet connectors to a rest of a world, Ny-Alesund’s little post bureau exists mostly to offer tourists, who arrive during a city around journey ship.

Ny-Alesund has prolonged served as a bottom for expeditions to a North Pole and, given that it is a many present post bureau to Santa Claus’ North Pole workshop, we competence design that a post bureau is bustling estimate letters to Santa from children opposite a globe. However, Santa’s mail does not pass by Ny-Alesund. Instead, that inundate of Christmas association is rubbed by a United States Post Office in North Pole, Alaska.

4. J.W. Westcott II, Marine Post Office

Even as a US Postal Service creates cutbacks, during slightest one US post bureau has found a approach to stay afloat… literally. The J.W. Westcott II, a 45-foot mail vessel that serves freighters traversing a Detroit River, is a nation’s (and expected a world’s) usually floating post office.

The J.W. Westcott Company of Detroit has been conveying messages between businessman sailors, who are mostly aboard vessel for months during a time, and their desired ones given 1874. Mail smoothness began in 1895 and a vessel has been a purebred post bureau given 1948. The association sign is “mail in a pail,” that literally described how a mail, even today, is mostly hoisted aboard freighters regulating a wire and a bucket. The J.W. Westcott II even has a possess zip code—48222—and mail delivered to a freighters is to be addressed:

Vessel Name
Marine Post Office
Detroit, MI 48222

Like many post offices, a J.W. Westcott has seen a decrease in mail volume, as email enables families and friends to stay in hold some-more immediately, even aboard ship. However, a company, that also delivers for UPS and FedEx, reports that it has seen an boost in package delivery. The company’s agreement with a USPS runs to 2021, and a company’s owners sees a prolonged destiny for his floating post office, indicating out that he has diversified into crew travel and that worker record competence never be cost-effective adequate to contest in a smoothness of low-value massive products like paper towels.

3. The Washington Park and Zoo Railway during a Portland Zoo

Today, a thought of a post bureau on a sight competence seem like a quirky novelty, and it doesn’t assistance that a usually railway left in a US that offers mail use and a possess certified postal cancellation, was creatively designed as a “kiddy train” during a zoo and was sited to offer Oregon’s 1959 Centennial Celebration. But while “mail by rail” now seems like an anachronism, it was once a bullion customary for demonstrate mail smoothness in a United States.

From 1862 to 1977, a Railway Post Office (RPO) operated postal cars, that offering mail classification and termination on trains that crisscrossed a country, handling on 794 routes during a peak. However, as mail classification became an programmed task, it was increasingly changed to and from vast informal estimate centers by truck. While a Washington Park and Zoo Railway offers a usually postal automobile handling in a US on a unchanging basis, another mail automobile recently rolled again. The 40th anniversary of a final RPO rail sight was distinguished on May 6, 2017 (which is National Train Day, in box we didn’t symbol your calendar), with a Northern Pacific #1102, a RPO automobile (one of usually dual famous to still be in operative order) and postmark entrance out of retirement for a one-day commemorative mail run.

2. Penguin Post Office, Antarctica

One continent’s many renouned traveller captivate is a post office. If we guessed Antarctica, which, notwithstanding a contentment of healthy beauty, has few other traveller comforts to contest with a little post office, you’re right! The supposed “Penguin Post Office” is located on a Antarctic Penninsula during Port Lockroy, Antarctica, creation it a world’s many southerly post office.

The post office, that is operated by a UK Heritage Trust on interest of a government, is open for reduction than 5 months a year (during a Antarctic summer from Nov to May). Who uses a post office? While Port Lockroy has thousands of residents, many of them are penguins, so a 70,000 post cards that are sent annually from a bureau come mostly from a 18,000 or so tourists who arrive each year around journey ship.

Manning a post bureau during a bottom of a world, a purpose that pays $1,700 a month, and involves, as one member of a four-person group staffing a post bureau put it, “being cramped to an island a distance of a football pitch,” competence not seem like everyone’s crater of tea. Nonetheless, hundreds of field have vied for a mark in new years, maybe desirous by documentaries on a Penguin Post Office that aired on a BBC and PBS.

1. China Post Space Office aboard a Shenzhou-8 spacecraft, 213 miles above Earth

The final post bureau on a list is out of this world—literally. Established in 2011, a “China Post Space Office,” has dual outposts—one on a belligerent of goal control during a Beijing Aerospace Command and one some-more than 200 miles above a Earth in a Shenzhou-8 spacecraft. The post bureau even has a possess zipcode—901001—and a special postmark that reads “Beijing” and “Space” in simplified Chinese.

Mail will be processed by a human branch, though emails can be routed by a mechanism aboard a unmanned booster before returning to Earth to be printed out for commemorative mail. While this devious practical space mail competence be sparkling usually to loyal space aficionados, officials have indicated that destiny iterations will concede a open to send letters to astronauts and/or concede earthy mail to be ecstatic to space before returning to Earth for delivery.