10 Depressing Post-WWE Careers of Wrestling Superstars

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In new years a universe of pro wrestling has been dominated by a WWE (formally famous as a WWF before those panda guys sued for disdainful rights to a name), that has risen to spin a near-monolithic corporate entity with a vice-like hold on a throat of a industry. While a WWE has finished a array of changes to a structures over a years to give itself a some-more family-friendly façade, we usually have to demeanour during a post-wrestling careers of some of a stars no longer on a register to see that it still has a prolonged approach to go. For example, given not gangling a suspicion for…

10. Kamala: Makes Ends Meet Singing About How the WWE Screwed Him

Chances are a younger readers have no thought who Kamala is, and it’s substantially given his gimmick was so offensively racist that internet commenters would substantially consider it was too on a nose. For anyone unknown with wrestling terminology, a “Gimmick” is something adopted by an particular wrestler to make them some-more engaging or compute them from other performers.

For example, Triple H, a stream god-emperor (or Executive Vice President of Talent as he prefers to be called) used to combat while sanctimonious to be a foppish, feminine French nobleman called Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Another instance is Stone Cold Steve Austin, a Texas boa-constrictor and All-American badass, who used to combat underneath a guise of a masculine indication with issuing golden locks, called Stunning Steve. So what was Kamala’s gimmick? He was an African monster who couldn’t speak, walked around in a loincloth and genealogical face paint, while infrequently wearing a frightful looking voodoo-esque facade and eating live chickens. Yes, there was a time in story where a WWE (then called a WWF) gave so few craps that they assured a black masculine that his best gamble to attraction himself to a throng was to heed to each skirmish classify about his race… and it worked.  

Kamala was a outrageous pull during his career, even wrestling opposite a Undertaker during Summerslam 1992, earning him some $20,000. A figure that’d be considerable if a Undertaker hadn’t taken home $500,000 for that same match. Kamala indeed warranted so small income from his career with a WWE that he’s now forced to make income singing songs about many they screwed him over during his 4 decade reign as a wrestler. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Kamala (real name James Harris) mislaid a leg to diabetes and is now inextricable in a lawsuit about all a injuries he postulated in a ring dressed as, and we can’t highlight this enough, a massively extremist classify of his possess race.

9. The Iron Sheik: Had to Sell his Life Story to Buy New Knees

The Iron Sheik (real name, Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri) is mostly regarded as one of a biggest heels (wrestling lingo for bad guy) in pro wrestling history, mostly given he spent all his time yelling about how many America sucked compared to his local Iran. Given what we schooled about Kamala usually now, it’s substantially no warn that a Sheik’s “Iran is array one” schtick was desirous by a Iranian warrant crisis, given there was no equine a WWE won’t kick to genocide with a pouch of income if they consider it’ll get them viewers.

A former heavyweight champion who wrestled a likes of Hulk Hogan and, to an extent, had identical levels of celebrity and recognizability, it’s no warn that in 2013 there was an bid finished to crowdfund a film about his legitimately overwhelming life. What might be startling is that a Sheik concluded to sell divided his life story. Not for celebrity or a final possibility to relive his former glory, yet to assistance means medicine to get new knees. Remember, this is a masculine who was, for a time, one of a biggest draws of a wrestling world. The WWE still puts this masculine in their games as a “Legend”… and he had to sell a rights to his life so he can travel yet his knees exploding.

8. Chyna: Her Breasts Exploded

Chyna (born Joan Marie Laurer) might not have been a initial womanlike wrestler, yet she’s certainly one of a many famous. Her soaring frame, total with her credentials as a bodybuilder, authorised Chyna to do something no womanlike wrestler in a WWE had ever finished before, and has struggled to do since: quarrel in a same matches as (and be as reputable as) masculine wrestlers. Chyna is remarkable as being a initial lady to take partial in a Royal Rumble, and was consistently rated one of a biggest wrestlers of a Attitude era. Not that you’d know it, given that a WWE fundamentally forgot who a ruin she was until she died, during that indicate they unexpected motionless to give her her correct dues.

You see, after withdrawal a WWE, Chyna seemed in a array of… ahem… “adult” movies, that neatly contradicted with a WWE’s pull to be family-friendly. As a result, a association sought to stretch itself from her given they were disturbed that acknowledging her existence would lead to kids googling her name and stumbling opposite her other work. To this end, they stopped her from regulating a name “Chyna” to foster herself, call her to simply legally change her name to “Chyna,” given who was going to disagree with her? It was usually when she upheld divided in 2016 that a WWE miraculously altered a balance and concluded that she’d finished a extensive scapegoat for their attention and a women operative in it. Like that time her breasts exploded.

That’s not hyperbole. Chyna had breast implants scarcely her whole career (largely during a WWE’s behest, given they wanted to feminize her appearance), which, due to her vast frame, weren’t accurately a best fit. This led to them bursting during a compare after a botched move. Chyna eventually had to have custom-made breast implants that were designed specifically for her frame, and were law to be sole to women in a body-building industry. Just let that soak in for a second. Chyna was so tough that she continued wrestling after her breasts literally exploded, and a WWE didn’t want to be compared with someone so badass given she motionless she wanted to make adult cinema after withdrawal their employment. Speaking of sex tapes…

7. Hulk Hogan: Can’t Make Money, Lost Out on a Foreman Grill Endorsement

Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Mr America, or some-more simply a Hulkster, he is a hulk of a wrestling world. Hulk Hogan is a masculine who was, for a time, one of a singular many tangible people on Earth. Something that’s arguably finished easier when you’re 6 and half feet tall, embellished conduct to toe in ornate neon yellow, and mislay your shirt by flexing until it explodes off your torso. But hey, it’s still kind of impressive.

Given his near-universal recognizability and a fact he was a biggest wrestling luminary in a whole universe for several years, you’d consider Hulk Hogan would be abounding as hell. This, however, is not a case, mostly given a Super Destroyer (actual ring name he once had) has a robe of making, frankly, awful business decisions. Over a years Hogan has lent his name to all from meatball makers to a web hosting service, nothing of that finished any money, given come on… would we unequivocally trust a masculine who looks like Hulk Hogan with anything involving a computer?

Hogan’s biggest loss, however, is a indestructible George Foreman Grill, that he claims that he was creatively approached to promote, yet missed out on given his life is a everlasting array of nut-punches to a wallet. The George Foreman Grill went on to make some-more income for George Foreman than he’d ever finished from boxing. Hogan, meanwhile, launched dual competing products: a blender (hilariously called a Hogan Thunder Mixer), and a competing grill. Both failed, given of march they did.

At this indicate we’re guessing Hogan is happy he won that justice box opposite Gawker.

6. Zach Gowen: Performs in Juggalo Themed Wrestling Shows

Zach Gowen substantially has a array of reasons to be notable, yet for a functions of this essay we can get divided with observant that he’s a masculine famous for wrestling with one leg. Which is substantially given he wrestled underneath his genuine name, given it’s not like he was ever going to be remembered as anyone other than “That masculine from a WWE with one leg.

Gowen’s career with a WWE was an annoying disaster from a start, and while he is positively an extraordinary athlete, a association simply couldn’t keep entrance adult with scenarios in that a masculine with one leg kept, for skip of a improved term, kicking a asses of their many famous stars. Which is substantially given a WWE fed Gowen to Brock Lesnar to settle him as a bad guy, that he handily achieved by violation his leg in front of his mother, thereafter throwing him down a moody of stairs a week after while he was in a wheelchair. Gowen was expelled from his agreement shortly afterwards.

While what Gowen did was admittedly overwhelming and valid that disabled people can do extraordinary things, his post-WWE career doesn’t unequivocally roar “success” story given that he now wrestles in something called Juggalo Championship Wrestling. You know, those uncanny guys who dress like clowns and hatred being finished fun of even yet they’re wearing reticent jester make up. Yeah, those guys.

5. Jeff Hardy: Can’t Stop Screwing Up

Jeff Hardy, improved famous as a some-more “edgy” half of a famous wrestling twin The Hardy Boys, is one of a improved famous wrestlers from a Attitude epoch of wrestling. The time in wrestling story where a WWE motionless “screw this” and began including storylines about wizards and vampires and once let wrestler Brian Pillman bluster someone with a freaking gun live on atmosphere for a ratings, given a WWE apparently invented a reign YOLO.

Hardy’s gimmick was that of a high-flying daredevil, that saw him leaping from twenty-foot-high ladders on a nightly basement during his reign with a WWE. This understandably resulted in Hardy removing harmed some-more than his satisfactory share of times, that has in spin led to him building problems with medication drugs and alcohol.

Hardy’s problems with ethanol came to a conduct in 2011, when he was scheduled to quarrel wrestling fable Sting during a TNA (about a usually semi-major aspirant to a WWE these days) pay-per-view, and incited adult to a compare so dipsomaniac he could hardly stand. Of march this being wrestling, Sting was forced to stay in impression and had to try and finish a compare as fast as possible, indeed attack Hardy for genuine so that he could pin him. The compare was so unsatisfactory that fans began chanting a difference “bulls**t” over and over again, call Sting to shrug and begrudgingly (and audibly) spin to them and contend “I know.”

Remember, Sting is about as veteran as pro wrestlers come. And Hardy was such a inebriated disaster that he finished a masculine who has ragged face paint for scarcely half a century, and never publicly breaks character… mangle impression to apologize for how bad Hardy screwed up. Which is actually… well, kind of impressive.

4. Ultimate Warrior: WWE Made a DVD Slamming Him, Just to Spite Him

The Ultimate Warrior was a wrestler so synonymous with his in-ring persona that he altered his name from a already overwhelming James Brian Hellwig, to simply Warrior in 1993.

It would after emerge yet that Warrior’s preference to change his name was formed reduction in capitalizing on his celebrity than it was about progressing some possession of a persona he’d spent decades crafting. Like with Chyna, a WWE didn’t like Warrior regulating his name, gimmick, or compared outfit outward of wrestling to acquire income for himself, so they sued him to actively forestall him from creation income regulating it.

So, like Chyna, he legally altered his name to “Warrior” to by-pass this. Unlike Chyna however, Warrior was means to plea a preference in justice and was postulated disdainful rights to a Warrior name, correspondence and mannerisms (all things he invented) to use as he saw fit. In response, a WWE expelled a DVD about his time with a company, in that wrestlers operative for a association talked about how many he sucked.

Again, like with Chyna, when Warrior upheld divided in 2016 (a startling array of famous wrestlers are passed now) a WWE scarcely pennyless their arms patting themselves on a behind about how many they’d skip him.

3. Sin Cara: Had His Entire Gimmick Stolen

Despite a definite impact lucha libre has had on a universe of pro wrestling, a array of important wrestlers of Mexican skirmish who’ve used a luchador gimmick in a WWE can be counted on one hand. One of a usually important ones is Sin Cara, a wrestler so general they transposed a masculine portraying him and nobody noticed.

Initially Sin Cara was portrayed by a masculine named Luis Urive, who ceaselessly botched moves simply given no wrestler operative with him knew how to combat in a same impression he’d used in Mexico. After apropos injured, Urive was transposed by another wrestler who wore his facade and wrestled as Sin Cara in his stead. When Urive came back, he fought a new Sin Cara for a rights to use a gimmick and won. The new Sin Cara thereafter went on to wrestler underneath another gimmick and name, Hunico. Following us so far?

In 2014, Urive was expelled from his contract. However, his impression Sin Cara wasn’t retired. So how did a WWE reinstate him? They sensitively hired Hunico to once again put on a mask. So in other words, a WWE hired a gifted Mexican wrestler (he was one of a many renouned wrestlers in all of Mexico during one point), refused to let him do any of a things he was famous for in Mexico, saw him get injured, transposed him, finished him quarrel for a rights to use his possess gimmick and name again, dismissed him, thereafter gave his name to his rival. That’s some Inception-level screwing right there.

2. Gangrel: Directs Porn Under a Vampire Ring Name

Remember when we pronounced that a WWE once had wrestlers who used a vampire gimmick? Yeah, we weren’t creation that up, as a career of Gangrel is usually too happy to demonstrate. Initially recognised given writers for a WWE “believed in a consequence of a vampire gimmick,” Gangrel would prowl to a ring with a goblet of “blood,” flanked by flames, and had a array of absolute yet feeble tangible visionary powers. The ’90s unequivocally were, utterly literally, a enchanting time.

Unlike many of a wrestlers discussed today, Gangrel (real name: David William Heath) seems to be doing okay, yet we’d be lingering if we didn’t discuss that he now leads racy films under his vampire pseudonym. A fact so amazing, it roughly creates adult for a fact a pretension of his initial film is so unimaginatively derivative: Miami Rump Shakerz 2. Come on, Gangrel. You were a vast understanding in a wrestling universe once, we shouldn’t have to reduce yourself by directing sequels.

1. Virgil: The Entire Reason We Wrote This Article

Michael Jones, or Virgil as he apparently prefers to be known, had a brief and muted career with a WWE, that saw him offer as a partner of Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, who’d disparage him by radically treating him like a slave. A fact finished all a some-more worried by a fact Jones is an African American man, and his dress finished him demeanour like a Mandingo Chippendale performer.

Since withdrawal a WWE, Jones has attempted to gain on his station as a “Wrestling superstar” by proclaiming himself to be accurately that. He can mostly be found during wrestling shows perplexing to remonstrate people to compensate him for autographs. Which isn’t that unusual. What sets Jones apart, though, is his tenacity. There exist dozens of photos of him station alone during conventions, and even infrequently on travel corners or in a subway, subsequent to a vast print of himself, clearly adventurous people to make eye hit with him.

These efforts led to a meme being combined about Jones describing him, rather aptly, as “Lonely Virgil.” There’s a blog featuring a humiliating volume of photos of him station alone during several conventions.

In an bid to say his gossamer grasp on fame, Virgil has been celebrated clever defending fans articulate to him into shopping t-shirts or autographs. He once launched a GoFundMe debate to make him a millionaire (which finished reduction than $1100), and some-more recently has been held engagement shows for himself and Ted DiBiase, yet DiBiase’s knowledge, thereafter simply not branch adult after holding a money. As if that wasn’t unhappy enough, Virgil has also unsuccessfully attempted to invent a meme, coining a word “F**k money” to impute to a act of removing paid, something he’s evidently really bad during indeed doing.