10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Air Force One

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Air Force One, a.k.a. that huge qualification that carts a boss around, is one of a many fast black of American power. To this end, a planes carrying a Air Force One nomination are filled to a margin with draining corner record and a garland of other cold things we’re going to speak about… well, right now. For example, did we know…

10. There are Massive Rolls of Carpet for it Lying Around Somewhere

While many of a things aboard Air Force One come propitious as standard, like bulletproof windows and, we presume, high-tech anti-ninja technology, a President and his associate have some control over what a interior of a qualification looks like so it improved suits their tastes. Much like a imagination car, a President, or some-more privately a First Lady, can select a tone of a interior of a plane. To this end, they can make it as caterer or plain as they like.

But here’s a best part: after a First Lady or President picks out a sold character of runner or form of soothing furnishing they wish to adorn a qualification with, some untimely corrupt from a Secret Service has to go get a special fire-retardant chronicle specifically made, given unchanging runner is occasionally thermite proof. Because all aboard Air Force One has to be spotless, this runner is transposed frequently, heading to a large save of it being kept in a tip plcae in box someone spills splash all over a building or something.

9. It Can Fly Forever

As a President can be compulsory or called on to attend a assembly anywhere in a world, Air Force One is understandably means with additional fuel pot to border a volume of time it has to refuel. In a eventuality a qualification does indeed need some-more fuel, it is entirely means of doing so in mid-air. This means a jet has an estimated operation somewhere north of forever miles.

This, joined with a fact a qualification is specifically means with a ability to promulgate around all from morse formula to email, and can fly thousands of feet aloft than even many troops planes, means it could theoretically stay aloft, lucent down freedom, forever. In existence a qualification could substantially customarily stay aloft for a few months before it indispensable to stop for food (in a splash even this could be delivered in mid-air), that is substantially a good thing considering…

8. Everybody Aboard is a Picky Eater

Like with all else, no responsibility is spared when it comes to a kitchen aboard Air Force One and before to a flight, tip use agents will painstakingly find out and squeeze a freshest, highest-quality mixture one during a time from circuitously stores to minimize a risk of a President being poisoned.

The epicurean chefs operative aboard Air Force One are pronounced to be means to prepare substantially any foodstuff known, are lerned in substantially all culinary disciplines, and have entrance to each kind of cooking exercise probable (except a low fat fryer, for reserve reasons). This is an emanate given a many renouned foodstuff aboard is burger and fries. Yes, notwithstanding Air Force One being fundamentally a drifting 5-star restaurant, many people aboard, including a President, routinely only sequence burgers and sandwiches.

While a food has gotten healthier, mostly interjection to a efforts of First Lady Michelle Obama, it’s remarkable that reporters still mostly opt for sandwiches, coffee and soda, with a kitchen going as distant as stocking peanut butter for generally picky eaters who don’t wish to eat any of a fancier transport Air Force One’s chefs can prepare up. While strictly Air Force One does serve offset meals, anecdotally many people only eat junk food, partly given everybody solely a President is charged for their meal, with a difference of a giveaway bag of MM’s each chairman aboard is given after a flight.

Not that a President is defence from encountering food they don’t like. For example, George H.W. Bush is pronounced to have literally systematic that brocoli be criminialized from Air Force One given he hated it that much, once stating: “I do not like broccoli, and we haven’t favourite it given we was a small child and my mom done me eat it. And I’m boss of a United States, and I’m not going to eat any some-more broccoli.”

7. They Destroy Everything that Doesn’t Work

As a pitch of a American presidency, many all aboard Air Force One is formally ornate with presumably a presidential seal, a stream sitting president’s initials, or both. On tip of this, each object aboard is polished, unadulterated and meticulously confirmed to equivocate a annoyance of a unfamiliar personality or diplomat being given a chipped mop to splash out of, or a publisher tweeting a design of a unwashed towel. You know, things that would make a President and, by extension, America demeanour bad.

To deter thieves, endless checks are carried out on everybody withdrawal Air Force One and we can be certain anyone offered an central Air Force One toilet hurl hilt on eBay would be soundly incarcerated and questioned by a FBI. As an combined measure, anytime anything stops operative on Air Force One or becomes unacceptably shop-worn or dirty, it is fast removed, pulverised into dirt and afterwards burnt. An impassioned magnitude we’ll acknowledge yet one that ensures a atmosphere of mystique about a impossibly high-standards aboard Air Force One is maintained. Hey, vocalization of that…

6. Every Member of a Staff Could Kick Your Ass

Like any plane, Air Force One has moody attendants and other staff who perform simple custodial duties aboard a plane, like revelation we where a puncture exit is and handing out small bags of peanuts. Unlike a unchanging plane, these staff members are all rarely lerned troops organisation with unadulterated records, who are delicately screened and subsequently lerned to hoop scarcely any fathomable emergency. As a result, each member of a organisation aboard Air Force One is good means in puncture presence techniques, weapons handling, and generally messing adult your day.

In other words, each member of staff aboard Air Force One, from a commander to a man who cleans a toilet, could snap your neck with a rolled adult journal or kick we to genocide with a shoe though violation a sweat. Essentially, while drifting by a atmosphere in his large plane, a President is surrounded by an environment of rarely means murdering machines who also only so occur to be means to make a meant margarita or whip adult a beef on a presidential grill. As if this wasn’t enough, when he takes off he is also…

5. Being Watched by a Special Team of Snipers

The President is an critical dude, and spends many of his time being flanked, shadowed and watched over by an chosen group of bodyguards means in 80 and ways to erase a tellurian testicle during 80 yards, with their eyebrows. Specifically, whenever a Commander-in-Chief is about to house Air Force One, though, he is also being stable by a special group of sharpshooters armed with 50 distance sniper rifles. Why 50 caliber? So that in box someone tries to steal a plane, they can fire by a routinely bulletproof windows and adorn a cockpit with a partial of their mind that suspicion hijacking Air Force One was a good idea.

These snipers are among a best, if not the best a US has during a disposal, and are pronounced to be means to strike a aim a distance of a dog’s butthole from a half mile away. Their temperament is apparently a secret, and they’re additionally used to strengthen a President during speeches and presumably while he checks his mail. And while we’re on a theme of secrets…

4. Who Made a Toilet is a Big Secret

As noted, everything aboard Air Force One is (usually custom) done to a top probable customary of quality, regulating a excellent accessible materials. Now, you’d consider any association creation a product that was being used aboard freaking Air Force One would exaggerate about that fact because, well, since they ruin wouldn’t you? As it turns out though, no association concerned with production anything concerned with a qualification is available to publicize that fact, mostly due to it being a probable confidence risk, and partly given it’s kind of tacky. This means that we have literally no thought who done a toilet, or indeed any object aboard Air Force One.

The supervision is such a stickler for this that it sent a very stern minute to a association that made a oxygen masks aboard Air Force One after they advertised that fact in a repository in 2001. This is a contrition for a companies who do make a equipment aboard Air Force One, given along with being compared with a presidency, they would also get to publicize their products fly…

3. On a Nuclear Bomb-Proof Plane

Like a staff, Air Force One is prepared for substantially any probable puncture unfolding and is means to understanding with scarcely any intensity threat, from a brute jet banishment sidewinder missiles during it, to a chief explosion. Along with being defence to a effects of an EMP blast, such as one constructed by an bursting chief warhead, Air Force One is safeguarded opposite required repairs in a form of bulletproof plating and flares to deter feverishness seeking missiles.

In a eventuality these systems all fail, Air Force One is built stout adequate to continue an undisclosed series of approach barb hits and could substantially pound into a belligerent during Mach 3 and still not kill anyone aboard. Not that you’d ever get anywhere nearby a plane, given that it can fly in a top stratosphere and personally call on supersonic jets to assist it over any associated country. Even if we managed to do adequate repairs to harm a President, he’d substantially be fine, because…

2. There’s a Special Fridge Full of Blood on Board

The full specs of Air Force One have never been disclosed yet we do know that it has a entirely stocked medical brook staffed by seasoned medical professionals. So prepared is this medical brook that it carries, during all times, an puncture supply of blood, drugs and vaccines for many famous diseases, poisons and illnesses and is specifically stabilized so that doctors aboard could give someone open heart medicine during an puncture take off. You know, if they really had to.

Even better, if they had to, all a intensity murderer would see is a burning round of leisure descending to a heavens because…

1. Air Force One is Polished to a Mirror Sheen

The impassioned efforts a supervision goes to in maintaining Air Force One can be no improved summed adult than by a extraneous of a qualification itself, that is pronounced to be discriminating to such an offensively splendid counterpart sheen, we can use it to make certain your hair is formally on point.

Though it’s expected few people reading this will ever get all that tighten to Air Force One, people who have are mostly repelled by only how ideally purify and glossy a extraneous of a qualification is, with some observant that workers infrequently wear sunglasses while polishing, buffing and differently progressing it. Are there some-more engaging contribution about Air Force One? Probably, yet we consider a fact that a qualification is confirmed to such an border it could potentially blind unfamiliar leaders with perfect bling is a flattering clever note to finish on.