Explore Beautiful Halifax This Summer

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With 150 years underneath a country’s belt, it’s a ideal time to try some of a Canada’s collateral cities. While Quebec City, Victoria and Toronto are all renouned destinations, Halifax is abounding with story and also offers copiousness of Maritime charm. This coastal city is home to a citadel, a 200-year-old fishing encampment and many other attractions. Centered on a vicinity to a Atlantic Ocean, Halifax is a ultimate nautical experience. Read on for some of a best this East Coast city has to offer for Summer 2017. 


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Visit Fisherman’s Cove

This easy fishing encampment is dual centuries aged and offers visitors a glance into a cove’s past and activities of today. Only 20 mins from downtown Halifax, Fisherman’s Cove boasts a lifelike boardwalk, seafood restaurants and shops filled with Maritime crafts. Check out a internal art during Fisherman’s Cove Gallery, or lease a franchised vessel and try your palm during deep-sea fishing.

Tour a Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada

If you’re a story buff, a Halifax Citadel is a must-see during your visit. Nestled in a heart of Halifax, this outpost was built by a troops to strengthen a Empire. Today, a Citadel and Clock Tower is a renouned traveller mark and also serves as a square of a city’s abounding history. You can debate a site or be a ‘soldier for a day’ and find out first-hand what it was life was like for a infantryman during a epoch that Canada was rising into a nation.

Take a float on a Ferry

Toronto might have a TTC, though Halifax has a oldest using saltwater packet use in North America! While it usually offers routes between Halifax, Dartmouth and Woodside, it’s a wise approach to transport from these Nova Scotian cities. Integrated into a city’s train service, a ferries offer as a mystic couple to Halifax’s history.


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Strike a poise during Peggy’s Cove

A outing to Halifax is deficient though a discerning expostulate down to Peggy’s Cove. Located reduction than an hour south of a city, it is famous for a scenic perspective and iconic lighthouse.  Though Nova Scotia is home to over 160 lighthouses, Peggy’s Point Lighthouse seems to be a many photographed. Though it was built over 100 years ago, it still functions and watches over a sea waves and lobster boats.

Indulge in a Lobster Dinner

For many Canadians, lobster is a luxury, though for Halifax natives, it’s a approach of life. Nova Scotia as a whole is famous for a lobster fishing community. One renouned place to check out is Hall’s Harbour Lobster Pound, where we can collect a uninformed lobster and have it baked for we right on location. Foodies looking for something a bit some-more upscale can conduct over to Shore Club, where they have been portion normal lobster suppers for over 78 years.